1000 Downloads and Counting

Here at Hopped Up Studios we are please to announce that we have hit over 1000 downloads on our app Expense Reminder. We used a lot of different methods to reach this goal. We mostly used promoting apps and tried to get our app published on review sites as much as we could. As a startup with very little revenue coming in, advertising budget is very low.

Special Thanks to the following website for helping out a startup:

Android Tap



Android App Promotion



We are pleased to announce that Expense Reminder has been downloaded via Google Play over 100 times! This includes over 50 active users. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us through the beta period of our app.

We also wanted to share some analytics of our downloads.

Most popular device: Moto G by Motorola

Most popular country: Brazil

Most popular Android version: 4.4

For Brazil’s wonderful support, we are now going to look into translating our app to Portuguese!

Please keep downloading


Expense Reminder Roadmap

Hello Again everyone!


I just wanted to give an overview to everyone of the plans that are being made for Expense Reminder. Currently, Expense Reminder is in BETA. Once we add all of these features, we will take the app out of BETA, and start promoting it full time.


In order of being completed (for now):

1. Optimization for Tablets

2. Design Improvements

3. View Expenses in a Calendar View

4. Widgets

5. Budget View

6. Backup and store Expense Database

7. Share Expenses Between people

8. Expense Database encryption