About Expense Reminder


Expense Reminder is a simple way for you to track your expenses. We do this in a simple, clean way that makes it easy to avoid forgetting an
expense without the need to enter in all of your bank account information like other apps out there. We don’t want your personal information. We know the value
of security, and for the simple needs of reminding you of expenses, we do not feel the need to know everything about you.



Because we don\’t store or use your bank account information, we do not assume any responsibility for any late or missed payments.
Marking an expense as “Paid” does not mean that you have actually paid your expense through our app. This app is only meant to give you a way to track what you do on your
own time.


Future Items:

Throughout the beta period of this application, we will be continually adding support for more functionality. For more information, please check out
our Google+ page! Among some of the up coming enhancements are Tablet support, Budget Calculator, Categories, and graphing out your expenses for easily viewing the entire


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